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Mila Milosevic is a working actress, singer, improviser and model born in Serbia. Mila now lives and works in Manhattan. She speaks Serbian, Hungarian and English fluently.

Mila tends to be cast as young women who, at face value, have a girl next door quality. But you discover before too long that that’s not what they are. The characters she plays are either quirky, sweet and wholesome Anna Kendrick types OR entitled, type A, know it all alpha girls such as Lea Michele in Glee. So what you see is not what you get.

Mila is currently studying acting with Anthony Abeson. Mila has studied acting at the MNActing studio with Matt Newton, and has taken singing lessons with Bradley Dean and Michael Clayton Moore. She has been training  and performing improv and musical improv at the Magnet Theater since 2014.

Mila has been training her voice since a very young age in Hungary, Serbia and the US, singing classical, pop, rock music, jazz and musical theatre. Mila is proficient in playing the flute. 

Mila has been a kids drama teaching artist at  Treasure Trunk Theatre. Here, she gets to share her knowledge and passion for performing with children.

Mila is a proud member of Mensa.

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