Here's what I've been up to lately:

- I shot a major international commercial in Warsaw, Poland and got to be there for a week! Here is the commercial, which is airing on TV across Europe in more than 40 countries!

- I am the lead in feature film comedy "Yellow Scare" which is on the festival circuit right now, and it just premiered at the Hoboken International Film Festival!

- I appeared on the Dr. Oz show in February!

- I signed with UGA Talent's Legit department!

- I was part of the One Minute Play Festival at the New Ohio Theatre!

- I am in the newest commercial campaign UNPAKT that will be playing on Hulu among other platforms!

- I am a cast member of NYC's Dinner Detective, America's largest interactive murder mystery dinner show -  playing the lead (detective) role!

Upcoming Shows:

The Dinner Detective

May 26 - tickets here

June 23 - tickets here





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